„Romanian Actors by Simion Buia” is an artistic project of promoting the Romanian actors through photographs and video confessions, hosted in exhibition spaces and online on www.romanianactors.com. Without resembling a who-is-who type of gallery, romanianactors.com becomes an art platform with purpose, a place where photography and videography are vehicles of actors representation and of mediation between them and the public beyond characters.

  • Virginia MIREA
    Your project is extraordinary because you, Simion Buia, are a creator and a participant in this artistic act. You are a pioneer in this adventure that you have embarked with the actors.
    Virginia MIREA
  • George IVAȘCU
    Romanian Actors is a page of history that gives us the peace of mind that our momentary pathway will be forever marked.
    George IVAȘCU
  • Claudiu BLEONȚ
    Romanian Actors is born and continues beyond us. I will be an impression, as others, in an visual, virtual, cemetery.
    Claudiu BLEONȚ