Professor Michael Dobson \ about Shakespeare International Festival Craiova 2022

887 // Ex Machina / Robert Lepaje
mai 22, 2022
Nicoleta Cinpoes about Shakespeare International Festival Craiova 2022
mai 24, 2022
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Director of the Shakespeare Institute // Professor of Shakespeare Studies

Like his own Falstaff, Shakespeare is not only witty in himself but is the cause that wit is in others. My career as a teacher of and writer about Shakespeare’s plays and poems has been devoted not just to examining these extraordinary writings in their sixteenth- and seventeenth-century contexts, but to exploring how they have stimulated and enabled the creativity of other people, individually and collectively, across time – whether actors (both professional and amateur), scholars, directors, philosophers, composers, critics, sculptors, poets, or novelists. As a result I enjoy working as a consultant to theatre directors and actors as well as publishing scholarly essays and books, and although the central focus of my work has been on the interpretation of Shakespeare in the theatre down the centuries since his death, and on the history of our continuing love affair with Elizabeth and the Elizabethans more generally, I take an enthusiastic and informed interest in most things done in Shakespeare’s name in different media around the world.

Michael Dobson

Simion Buia
Simion Buia
Simion Buia este jurnalist cultural, fotograf, videograf, călător al acestei abracadabrante lumi, cu L mare.

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Professor Michael Dobson \ about Shakespeare International Festival Craiova 2022
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