Choose your weapon // Vika Medvedeva \\ M-Studio

Humans // Despre Body Shaming // Ioana Marchidan // Linotip
iulie 2, 2022
Teatrul Andrei Mureșanu din Sfântu Gheorghe // Stagiunea 2022-2023
iulie 4, 2022
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Photography & Videography by © Simion Buia //

“Sometimes we don’t pay attention to what a huge choice we have. Where to go, how long to go, what to do, who to talk to. We don’t care until it’s taken away from us. Not gradually, but in one day. They will take away everything – home, family, work, everything that you love and even that which you do not like. Leaving only one choice window – the choice of your weapon. What will it be like? You need to think fast, and your freedom and life will depend on it. Who are you now? Now you’re the face of your weapon, fight.”

Simion Buia
Simion Buia
Simion Buia este jurnalist cultural, fotograf, videograf, călător al acestei abracadabrante lumi, cu L mare.

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Choose your weapon // Vika Medvedeva \\ M-Studio
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